24 September 2018

Dear colleagues,

On Friday we received the good news that Kiri's and Jason's PhDs were officially conferred. Please join me in congratulating Dr Patton and Dr Coates!

Dr Patton's thesis, entitled Smells like teen spirits: Investigating impulsivity and alcohol-related cognition as modifiable risk factors for adolescent alcohol use intervention, encompassed 4 studies. Three of these have already been published in Addictive Behaviors (x2) and Drug and Alcohol Review. Her final study, a school-based RCT, has just received a second Revise and Resubmit [under embargo]. Dr Patton's advisory team included Dr Matthew Gullo (primary), Professor Jason Connor, Dr Jeanie Sheffield, and Dr Andrew Wood.

Dr Coates' thesis, entitled Personalised treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder: Identification and intervention of target mechanisms, encompassed 4 studies. Three of these have already been published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Addictive Behaviors, and Frontiers in Psychiatry. His fourth study, exploring linkages between impulsivity and craving, will be submitted in the coming weeks. Dr Coates also published a book chapter based on his literature review of craving measurement. Dr Coates' advisory team included Professor Jason Connor (primary), Dr Matthew Gullo, and Dr Genevieve Dingle.

In addition to receiving impressive examiner reports, both Kiri and Jason concurrently completed the Clinical Psychology Masters training during their PhDs. No small feat!

Congratulations Dr Patton and Dr Coates!

Kind regards,



Matthew J. Gullo PhD(Clin Psych) MAPS FCCLP
Acting Director
Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research
The University of Queensland