Researcher biography

Zoë is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. She commenced her research program in January 2016, and holds a Research Training Program Scholarship and a CYSAR Top-Up Scholarship. Zoë has previously completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) at the University of Queensland and works as an undergraduate psychology tutor and consultant.

Zoë’s PhD thesis is entitled “A Biosocial Cognitive Model of Youth Cannabis Dependence”. Her research explores the role of biological and psychosocial risk mechanisms involved in cannabis dependence and identifies how they work to influence treatment outcomes. Zoë’s research involves a collaboration with the Alcohol and Drug Assessment Unit (ADAU), Princess Alexandra Hospital, where she is able to collect clinical data from cannabis users in treatment. Zoë has also developed a brief adjunct intervention that aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a cannabis assessment and education session that is routinely delivered to cannabis users across Queensland. This initiative is supported by Department of Health funding. Her PhD will evaluate this new intervention in a randomized controlled trial at the ADAU. 

CYSAR advisors: Dr Matthew Gullo and Professor Jason Connor