Researcher biography

Timothy Piatkowski completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science, and Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) at Queensland University of Technology. He has been involved in teaching and unit coordination work across various schools for several years. Additionally, he has worked in a number of research assistant roles for several years - including neurological disease based research, muscular injury and rehabilitation research, and alcohol and drug abuse treatment projects. This has eventuated in publications, conference presentations, continued education program (CEP) workshop management, and specialised rehabilitation training and research with sporting teams ranging from Queensland Reds, to Carlton Football Club, and the Brisbane Roar. He is currently undertaking a PhD entitled: Understanding what motivates young men’s lifestyle choices for enhancing their appearance including steroid use.

Timothy coauthored the recent open access paper:

Tighe, B., Dunn, M., McKay, F. H., Piatkowski, T. Information sought, information shared: exploring performance and image enhancing drug user-facilitated harm reduction information in online forums. Harm Reduction Journal 2017; 14: 48,  available here.

Timothy is lead author on the recent paper:

Piatkowski TM, White KM, Hides LM, Obst PL. Australia's Adonis: understanding what motivates young men's lifestyle choices for enhancing their appearance. Aust Psychol 2019; December 31, available here


CYSAR Advisor: Associate Professor Leanne Hides